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Online Meeting and Collaboration Tools Helps you to Work Remotely

As the world gradually recuperates from the Corona Virus Disease, numerous organizations stay shut with certain representatives and bosses settling on online gatherings and cooperation to proceed with work.

The magnificence of online tools is many of them are free of charges but difficult to utilize and offer a practical answer for organizations that are discovering approaches to remain operational despite the pandemic. Here, we are going through some best tools and application that will help you to work with your colleague remotely.


1. Google Tools

The Google Tools Suite is a helpful cooperation programming that has nearly everything a group needs to remain gainful during lock-down. For example, Google Docs permit clients to team up on spreadsheets, introductions, structures etc.

Google Drive is another astounding collab tool. It is essentially a distributed storage answer for colleagues and clients to use as a document storage system. Every user has around 15gb free space which is generally enough to keep the group sorted out.

Google has the majority of the instruments workers and groups need to keep in contact. Their apparatuses are generally free and simple to utilize.


2. Zoom

Zoom is presently at the centre of attention as a group meeting device. This application is a cloud-based video call and online talk framework that can be utilised to meet online with or without video. zoom allows users to record meetings, team up on activities and utilise the application to share and clarify each other’s screens.

Probably the best component of Zoom is that you needn’t bother with a Zoom record to join a gathering. While a record is expected to have one, participants can simply download the application and afterwards include the meeting ID or individual connection name to join.

Zoom isn’t just being utilised in working environment gatherings and coordinated efforts; it is likewise being utilized by teachers for kept getting the hang of during lockdowns around the globe and as a virtual apparatus for online courses and class meetings.

Learn more about how to secure your online meeting while using Zoom.


3. Slack

It is also known as all in one collaboration tools. Slack contain features like file sharing, screen sharing, waiting room and many more. It has additional features like you can message team member, you can create a group.

One of the best parts about this application is to dividing communication into sub-topics so that you can get connected with the information you needed.


4. Taskade

It is an online free tool that fulfils your requirements in a single click. Taskade is a useful tool that helps to create your to-do list in various form lists like list, board, or mindmap.



There are numerous free and paid tools available online that helps you to work collaboratively. But before you choose any one of them make sure that it is easy to use and have privacy options. All of these tools are popular and help you to work remotely, collectively, and easily.

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