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How to secure and Safe Your Online Meeting While Using Zoom?

Coronavirus creates a huge impact on businesses around the globe. Without any option majorities of businesses and employees had been adopting shutdown and work-from-home. Now within 3 months, people around the world used to with online (virtual) meetings, remote works without any preparation.

If we talk about nowadays, there are more than 25million infections in the world. Among them, majorities of people belong to the United States, Brazil, India, and Russia. Numerous companies are operating using remote or virtual alternatives to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and run their businesses accordingly.

There are countless companies that provide services regarding virtual conferences like, Skype, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, Zoom, and many more. Among all these companies Zoom won the match in online platform services. Almost companies and businesses are comprehensively using Zoom as the go-to option to hold online lessons, business meetings, online discussions, private meeting, and for sensitive discussions.

If we go through statistics then, Zoom had only 1.9 million users worldwide in 2019; on the other hand, after the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, it plunges 2.2 million new users every month, is enough to understand the popularity of Zoom.

But this is the one side of the coin. On another side, many incidents occur when hackers hijacking meetings, online classes, lessons, and many other activities which leading question against Zoom’s safety and privacy policies. here we go through some pivotal tips you must keep in mind while using Zoom.


Must create password-protected meetings

The most effective and secure way to protect your virtual meeting is to create password-protected meetings. It is used to protect private meetings, user, group, or account level for any session. The procedure to implement password-protected meetings is to sign up with Zoom and to for the password at the individual meeting by enabling “Require a password when scheduling new meetings.”


Attested Users

With only meeting host need to set up an account for using the Zoom app is quite risky. You must have to change setting to secure meetings by allowing only attested users to participate in any meeting.


Restrict meeting

Before you go for a meeting, must share your meeting ID and password with your colleague. Once all of your users get in and begin meeting you can manage participants by locking the other joining to measure security.

For that go to manage participants> more> lock.


Turn Off the Screen sharing option and file sharing

There are many advanced features like life sharing, waiting room, screen sharing, and many more that help you to ease your task. But these are the loop for hijackers. It is pivotal to avoid or disable these features to avoid any ling of security threat.


Always use randomly generated meeting IDs

Personal ID may easily get hacked, try to use randomly generated ID as much as possible while creating a new event, also avoid sharing your personal ID with the public that will prevent your meetings with pranksters.

In sum up, Zoom is a free and easy to use set up that provide your services as well as security issues. By using these tips, you can easily secure your meetings from hackers.

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