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How to prepare for Coronavirus in Australia

Coronavirus is the biggest challenge since the New Year started. It was mainly found in Wuhan, China and it’s spreading through all countries since it was found in Dec 2019. Now, this is getting challenging for Australia to fight back to this Wuhan Deadly Virus. There’s a number of cases found in Melbourne, especially, 10 cases confirmed. We made research on it how other counties fighting with this epidemic virus eg. Singapore.

What is Coronavirus

1. What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus (CoV) is defined as a group of virus which is causing sickness symptoms ranging from a common cough to serious diseases. As per the research made, it was commonly found in bats but now mutated through a middle species carrier (Penguin) to humans. This is the first time it was noticed in humans at this stage. COVID-19 is the type of Coronavirus which is mainly found in human species.

Coronavirus can be conducted person to person through any physical contact, cough, sneeze, etc. There are still various reasons which are unknown why this is spreading at this large scale is.



How is it spread?

2. How did Coronavirus spread to humans?

Coronavirus (COVID-19) was first found in Wuhan, China last year December 2019. It is still missing that what are causes behind this but some claimed it came through the seafood market in Wuhan, China. Viral pneumonia is what coming into action after people who visited the Wuhan seafood market. A study revealed that the first case found in Dec 2019 with positive Coronavirus had nothing to link with the seafood market. Still, the investigators are finding evidence where did this virus firstly originated. & why it’s escalating at this high pace.



3. What are the symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Commonly noticed symptoms are:




Breathe Shortness

I some cases it is seen that COVID-19 is causing kidney failure problems.

If you find yourself coughing, sneezing continuously or breathing heavily, I would suggest calling your doctor straight away.



Get prepared for Coronavirus in Australia

4. How to prepare for Coronavirus?

Hygiene is the prior focus which helps to get away from Coronavirus. We have a list of tasks & actions you can follow up to mitigate this deadly virus.

  • Keep your hands clean as much as possible. This is a major part of contact & has a high possibility to get infected. Get a hand sanitizer near you, it doesn’t matter whether you’re at work to home, to keep hands fresh and clean.
  • Stay at home when you find yourself sick or call your doctor. It is easy to mitigate the virus in its early stage so keep this in mind. It also helps to keep other people protected.
  • Face Mask – it only works for infected people, unless you’re infected, it won’t work.
  • Stock-up at home with all your basic requirements such as medicine, food or daily use products.
  • Keep ready yourself & your family. Make a plan and communicate it through your family.

Australian Business affected by Coronavirus

5. Effect of Coronavirus on Australian Business & Stock Market.

It is recorded that the Australian Stock Market has fallen by 2% over Coronavirus affect. It is directly affecting the local businesses. Major sectors affected by this are Transport, Travel & Globalisation.

Precautions are better than cure, therefore, I can advise you to get updated via the latest news & keep yourself ready for any of the upcoming.

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