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Top 7 Migration Agents in Darwin

With our research on finding Best Migration Agent in Darwin, we have found a list of local registered Migration Agents (Registered MARA Agents). We have found some of them are putting more focus on Student Visa and some are best for Temporary Visa Holder. Find their details below including their specialisation:

1. KBA Global

Service Areas:

  1. Migration Service
    • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme
    • Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (Sub Class 482)
    • Working Holiday Visa
    • Visitor or Tourist Visa
    • Family Visas
    • Skilled Migration Visa
  2. Education Service
    • Career Oriented Counselling
    • Course Selection
    • University Selection
    • Application Processing
    • Visa Guidance & Preparation guide for Interview
    • Regular Information Session on Abroad Education
    • Financial Advice
    • Pre- Departure Assistance
  3. Health Insurance Service
  4. Professional Year Program
    • Skill Migration Internship Program – Accounting (SMIPA)
    • IT Professional Year Program
    • Engineering Professional Year Program

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KBA Global


2. Allskills Recruitment & Migration Services

Service for Visas

  1. Partner Visa
  2. Skilled Visa
  3. Working Visa
  4. Family Visa
  5. Student Visa
  6. Business Visa
  7. Tourist Visa
  8. MRT/AAT Appeal

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3. Visafast Migration Consultancy

Visa Services are below:

  1. Visitor Visa
  2. Student
  3. Skilled Visa
    • Skilled Independent Visa
    • Skilled Nominated Visa
    • Skilled Regional Visa
    • Skilled Temporary Visa
  4. Employer Sponsored Visa
    • Temporary Skill Shortage
    • RSMS
    • Employer Nomination Scheme
  5. Training Visa
  6. Partner Visa
  7. Business Visa

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Vista Fast


4. Exodus Migration Service

  1. Bridging visas (A, B, C, E)
  2. Business Talent or Business Investment and Innovation visas (eg:132, 188, 888)
  3. Citizenship or Return Resident Visa applications (eg:)
  4. Employer sponsored skilled working visas (eg:186, 187, 482, DAMA II)
  5. Refugee and Humanitarian visa (eg: 866)
  6. Parent, Child and Remaining Relative visas
  7. Partner visas (Fiancee, Spouse/De facto partner including Same-Sex Partner Visa)
  8. Skilled Migration visas (eg: 482, 489, 190, 187,189, 887)
  9. Student Visas and Student Guardian visas
  10. Visitor Visas (eg: 600, 601)
  11. Working Holiday visas (eg: 417, 462)

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5. Migration Corporation of Australia

Can help you with following enquiries:

  1.  What visa is best to apply for?
  2.  What are the requirements for a particular type of visa?
  3. What are your options if you do not meet the requirements of a particular visa?
  4.  Are you eligible for other types of visas?
  5. How do you stay lawful in Australia?
  6. I have just received a letter from Immigration, what do I do about it?
  7. There is a breakdown between myself and my sponsor, what are my options?

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6. Northern Immigration Australia

Services are as follow:

  1. Visas
    • Skilled Migration
    • Work and Sponsorships
    • Business Migration
    • Family Migration
    • Students and Graduates
    • Working Holiday
    • Visitor & Tourist
    • Investor Visas
    • Permanent Residency
  2. Talent Sourcing
    1. Recruitment (Business)
  3. Citizenship
  4. Appeal

Contact Northern Immigration Australia

Northern Immigration Australia


7. Synergy Migration

Service List below:

  1. Employer Nominated Visa
  2. Skilled Migration Visa
  3. Business Visa
  4. Family Visa

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Synergy Migration


NOTE: All the information is collected from the Google Search Engine. There is no comparison made between any of these Businesses. All the Listed Migration Agents in this article are the top search results of Google Engine & their ratings on Different Online Platforms.

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