Top 14 Security Companies in Melbourne

  1. AIG Manpower Solutions
  2. Guardia
  3. National Protective Services
  4. MSS Security
  5. Security Concepts
  6. Metro Guards
  7. PSG Security
  8. iCorp Security
  9. SWC Security
  10. Security Guards Melbourne
  11. Line Watch
  12. Excell Security
  13. Unified Security
  14. Monjon Security



1. AIG Manpower Solutions

AIG Manpower Solution is Melbourne’s leading Security Guard and Crowd Controller Company. With more than 10 years of experience, the company assures to offer first-rate security services and crowd controller service in Melbourne. The security services of the AIG Manpower Solution deliver their services to the corporate offices, construction sites, Medical venue, retail security, education institute, public event, traffic management and Event traffic control.

The broad-range of world class services offered by the AIG Manpower Solution are  static guard, construction security, event security, concierge, traffic control, retail security and many more personalised security services. The company is the one-stop solution for the security needs of the clients. They provide security services to both their national and international clients. With numerous years of industry experience, they strive to deliver customised solution under one roof.

The main focus of the AIG Manpower Solution is to lessen the risk and protect the loses of the customer. For the sake of protecting the customer losses, they aim to work closely with their customers in order to understand some of their unforeseen risk. The company ensures to analyse the security needs of their customers and strive to offer them first-rate services and operational plans.

AIG Manpower Solution has ability and flexibility to deliver security services to any size of business operations even during the short interval of time. The customer services and concierge staff of the company retains high level of integrity and dedication to deliver first-rate personalised services. The support team of the AIG Manpower Solution is available 24 hours to support their clients business and ensure their clients business continuously flourish, improves and develop.

The core value of client-focus, team spirit, leadership, development and safety helps them to deliver efficient services to their clients. The main reason behind establishment of AIG Manpower Solution is to deliver efficient, quality and on-time management services to their clients.

With AIG Manpower Solution, their clients can enjoy the support of the strong partnership that ensures to grow with them throughout their journey.

To contact AIG Manpower Solutions, follow any mode of communication:

P. 1300 615 569
E. info@aigms.com.au
W. www.aigms.com.au



2. Guardia

With extensive years of experience in delivering security services across the region of Melbourne, Guardia ensures to recruit professional and highly experience staff and is widely known as one of the leading Australia security company .The company provides security services to government institution, multinational corporations, maritime environment and non-government organisation.

Guardia has framed most successful methods of delivering finest quality security services in Melbourne. The range of security services delivered by the Guardia are Security guard, crowd control security service, event function and venue security,K9 securities and armed guards. Each and every employees of the Guardia are highly trained, experienced and licensed as ordered by Victoria police.

They are highly proud to deliver exemplary services at the cheapest price. They ensure that no extra cost are hidden and offer services to their clients within their budgets. The main benefits of choosing Guardia security services is that they the perceive the strength of well-trained and qualified workforce. The company ensures to deliver services that are beyond the federal and state government legislative compliance.

Contact Guardia now and avail the opportunity to work with the Australia largest security service company.

To contact Guardia, follow any mode of communication:

P. (03) 9863 9701
E. info@guardia.com.au
W. www.guardia.com.au



3. National Protective Services

National Protective Service is a comprehensive security service provider integrates manpower and electriconic security to support their customers through their combine security programs.  The security service is offered to the residential, commercial, and industrial, not for profit organisation throughout the regions of Australia.

Established in 1988, National protective Service is delivering security services to the clients with stability, award-winning customer services and extensive quality services. They ensure to work closely with a large and diverse customer for the sake of building strong and long-term relationship with them. They are mainly focused on delivering innovative services which enable them to win many awards in the category of customer services, ethics and training.

The company sponsored many children though Smithy Family program which help the children to take higher education and prosperous their future.

To contact NPS, follow any mode of communication:

P. 1300 659 800
E. info@natprot.com.au
W. www.nationalprotectiveservices.com.au



4. MSS Security

MSS Security is one of the Australia’s leading security companies who retain extensive years of experience in securing highest profile sites of the country. The clients of the company are benefited from their customer-centric approach and customised service with feasible outcomes.

They retain a national infrastructure with offices in all the stated and territory capital cities. MSS Security operates in following market segments-Arts, Event and Recreation, Aviation, Commercial property, Data and communication, Education, Energy Resources, Finical services, Government, Health etc.

MSS Security is owned by Security and intelligence service which is one of the largest security personnel company in Asia-Pacific. This provides financial assurance to their clients. Integrity, Teamwork, Attitude, performance, Passion are the values driven by them. The company is lead by the executive management and specialised support that are responsible for ensuring comprehensive visibility and constant services in Australia.

They are highly dedicated to protect the privacy of individual personal information in accordance with the Privacy act 1988, the Australian Privacy principles. They are striving to improve their best continually and try their level best to supply superior security officers and quality services.

To contact MSS Security, follow any mode of communication:

P. 1300 759 807
W. www.msssecurity.com.au



5. Security Concepts

Security Concepts Services is leading security company that is engaged in providing specialise male and female security guard services to customers in Victoria. They customise their clients security needs and ensure to deliver premium security services to secure their clients events, facility or business. Each and every male and female security guards of the company are licensed by Victorian police. The company offers crowd controller, loss prevention officers, event security guards, corporate security guard, office, residential building security or any other customised security guard services required by their clients.

Security Concepts Services can deliver a remarkable security guard on both retainer and contract basis for business, events or site at the affordable cost which enable their clients to save their hard-earned money.

Some of the services delivered by the Security Concepts Services are:-

  • Security Guards
  • Event and Part security guards
  • Corporate security services
  • Retail shopping center security
  • Retails and loss prevention security
  • Facility security management
  • Security consultant and other security related services

They understand that their client’s events and business are highly valuable. So they ensure to deliver their security officers that are licensed and leave no stone unturned to secure their site, event and business.

To contact Security Concepts, follow any mode of communication:

P. 1300 044 989
E. info@securityconcepts.com.au
W. www.securityconcepts.com.au



6. Metro Guards

Metropolitan Guard Services has extensive years of experience in the Melbourne Security Industry. The company is highly engaged in offering professional security guards and other protection services. The company employs professional, experience and highly completive employees to arrange and meet your security needs. They ensure to offer complete security solutions to embrace all range of security needs.

The company expert security guards and security patrols services are designed to meet the need of your business or premises, offer a safe and secure area in order to flourish your operations. They are proud to retain a strong workforce of committed and professional security employees that are dedicated to carry through the industries best performance standards.

They are highly committed to offer complete security, risk and safety management’s services for events on budget. They also offer site supervision services that make use of first-rate security at the cheapest price. The professionals of the Metropolitan Guard Services are highly specialised in the area of crowd controllers, doorman, bar staff and hospitality staff.

If you are looking for a reliable security company in Melbourne then Metropolitan Guard Services is the one to be blindly trust.

To contact Metro Guards, follow any mode of communication:

P. 1300 731 173
E. info@metroguards.com.au
W. www.metroguards.com.au



7. PSG Security

PSG Security is a renowned national security guard company engaged in offerings security guard services, including uniform and corporate suit security guards, security offices, and crowd controllers in both Sydney and Melbourne. The core beliefs of the company which them Australians leading security providers are Honesty,Reliability,Commitment.The highly trained security guards and crowd controllers of the company delivers high quality security services, security guards, crowd controllers to their customers since 2003.

The company is highly proud to cater their clients’ needs and expectations by providing them efficient security guard services. The customer service managers and security directors are available for their customers 24/7. PSG Security has initiated a Corporate Social Responsibility which portrays their commitment to behave ethically in all spheres of their day to day business operations.

The security guards and crowd controllers of the PSG Security are highly trained and continually monitored by them. The company security guards are available for all the major events such as community events, retail stores, festivals, promotions, parties etc.

PSG Security assures to take care of all their clients’ needs of hiring security for their major events, parties and festivals.

To contact PSG Security, follow any mode of communication:

P. 1300 880 460
W. www.psgsecurity.com



8. iCorp Security

iCorp Security is a security company operating in the region of Melbourne. The company delivers security services to government, corporate, civil and nonprofit business. The core services of the iCorp Security includes Security Guards, Corporate Security, Asset Protection, Personal protection, crowd control and Private Event Security This core security services offered by the company enables them to personalise their services according to the needs of their client’s organisation. The company believes in communicating both their existing and new customers in order to know that any individual factors related to the existing security situations are not covered.

The wide industry knowledge, experience and adaptability permit the iCorp Security to deliver strong competitive advantages in Market. They always try their level best to transform their services to match the customers changing business requirements. Each and every security guard recruited by them are licensed and certified according to the standard compelled by the Victorian Police. Their staff receives regular training to assure that they are fully trained on the latest technology, service and security operations.

iCorp Security assures to be one step ahead of industry developments and assures to communicate their clients on regular basis if they wish to know about any risks or concern.

To contact iCorp Security, follow any mode of communication:

P. 1300 848 450
E. operations@icorpsecurity.com.au
W. www.icorpsecurity.com.au



9. SWC Security

SWS Security is the renowned and first-rate corporate and event security company in the city of Australia. The company aims to offer excellent security guard service. The security guards of the SWS Security are highly experienced and make every possible effort to resolve their clients every possible issues. Even the security guards of the company can manage their client’s event sincerely and ensure that to make the event successful.

Being one of the most successful security companies in Australia, they are highly capable to handle any event with complete proficiency and try to end it successfully without any hindrance. SWC Security delivers efficient and affordable crowd controllers/event staff. The company security staff try their best to set the benchmark by providing quality, professionalism and trained crowd.

Security is something that always makes one stress-free and relaxed. So to avail the first-rate Melbourne Security services for your corporate events, the feasible option is to opt for much flourished corporate security in Melbourne. And ,if you are looking for a some reliable and capable security service that go with SWS Security as you will get an opportunity to stay secure with one of the most reputed security company.

To contact SWC Security, follow any mode of communication:

P. 1300 660 324
E. operations@swcsecurity.com.au
W. www.swcsecurity.com.au

10. Security Guards Melbourne

Security Guard Melbourne is one of the leading security companies in the city of Melbourne. They assure to offer first-rate services to the customers. They strongly believe in profits and maintaining long term relationships with the customers and employees. The company has the capability to offer all types of security guards best suit for the job, licensed and insured. The company retains professional security guards for your every special event such as festivals, school fete and other concerts. The highly professional security guards of the company ensure that the involuntary guests or relatives do not interrupt the general public at the wedding.

In order to protect your equipment form been stolen or damage, Security Guard Melbourne assures to protect your construction site and your useful assets from public. This enables you to leave your assets and equipments in the late night or even for a week without any much worry.

The highly trained and experienced bodyguards of Security Guard Melbourne assures to protect you and your family from been harm and make efforts to keep you away from paparazzi, overly enthusiastic fans and the chaser at the bay. Some of the company bodyguards are police and ex military officers who ensure to provide personal protection to politicians, celebrities and international dignitaries.

Have the professional security guards beside you for all 24/7 hours with the Security Guard Melbourne.

To contact Security Guard Melbourne, follow any mode of communication:

P. 1300 677 428
E. contact@securityguards.melbourne
W. www.securityguards.melbourne



11. Line Watch

Line Watch is the most reliable and renowned security company in the region of Melbourne. They believe that security need of the business is much more than protecting their assets. Either your business is big or small; Line Watch ensures to provide complete service to meet all the security needs of your business.

Line watch is a registered private security business under the private security act 2004.The company initiates their customer’s security projects with a complete security audit, looking all their continuing on-site security arrangements, identify strong issues and present them with a clear idea for managing any possible security risk to your business.

The company ensures that their security guards portray your business while you are on the job. They even ensure that their employees hold the right skills to represent your business in a best possible manner .The security services offered by the Line Watch are:

  • Corporate loss protection
  • Business Asset protection
  • Door/Access control
  • Concierge
  • Premises static guard
  • Corporate event security
  • Crowds control

Line Watch Security is an Equal Opportunity employer.

To contact Line Watch, follow any mode of communication:

P. 1300 783 613
E. enquiry@linewatch.com.au
W. www.linewatch.com.au



12. Excell Security

The Excell Security is a one stop security solution company prevailing entire areas of manpower and electriconic security system in Melbourne. They delivers comprehensive and distinct wireless alarm system which you can control anywhere in the world. The broad ranges of security services offered by Excel Security are Home security, security guard and patrol, CCTV, home automation and security alarm services in Melbourne.

They are highly dedicated to deliver superior services that meet the individual needs of the customers. Excel Security ensures to customise solutions relies on the individual needs of their client’s organisation. The company follows 5 core values in order to run its business smoothly such as Safety, Accountability, Integrity, Professionalism and Teamwork.

The highest priority of the company is to offers safety to their clients and the general public. They even assure to take responsibility of their clients, staff and the public for their actions within the wide region. They are highly committed to carry out the work collaboratively and cooperatively in team in order to yield the positive outcomes.

With Excell Security, you will be highly assured that you will work with highly dedicated and trained staff. This enable you to achieve first-rate service delivery and  maintenance all the times.

To contact Excell Security, follow any mode of communication:

P. 1800 239 235
E. office@excellsecurity.com.au
W. www.excellsecurity.com.au



13. Unified Security

Unified Security is leading corporate Security Service Company. They deliver broad range of professional security services throughout the region of Australia. At Unified Security, clients needs can be customised according to the needs of their organisation. The most important goal of the company is to deliver the comprehensive security solution that permits your organisation to carry out their operations effectively and safely.

Unified Security retains their offices throughout Australia. The business of the company portrays broad range of security services throughout the regions of industry sectors. The company is highly committed to grow and maintain their Quality Assured Management practices.

The services offered by the Unified Security to their clients are:

  • Security Guards and Officers
  • Electriconic Security
  • Patrols and Monitoring
  • Cash in Transit
  • Integrated Services

The companies perceive the challenges of the growing security environment and have recognised the need to develop personalised security programs and meet the security requirements of the clients. Due to this, the company is able to deliver smart options which highly complement the main product.

By delivering customer oriented solutions, Unified Security is leading in offering values to the clients as their desirable security solution partner.

To contact Unified Security, follow any mode of communication:

P. 1300 658 657
E. enquiries@unifiedsecurity.com.au
W. www.unifiedsecurity.com.au


14. Monjon Security

Established in 1998, Monjon has more than 2 decades of experience in protecting range of Melbourne and Victoria infrastructure projects and iconic business. The company is highly specialised in static guard, concierge, security mobile petrol, electriconic security, alarm security etc.

The security consultant services of the Monjon include:

  • Security Intelligence
  • Security risk advice
  • Investigation
  • Operation order
  • Security training
  • Project risk assessments
  • Internal and external counter measures and recommendations

The company employs its extended security network both nationally and internationally to assure that each and every projects are protected. They are highly proud to serve range of Australians famous and successful organisations with their risk managements and solutions. Highly dedicated customers services of Monjon ensure customer satisfaction. The customers Monjon worked with include Regional Rail, Destination Plants, University Hills factory outlets, Sanctuary lakes, City links etc.

Each and every operations led by Monjon are adhered to private security act 2004, road safety act and regulations, Australian Standard and meets AS 4801 occupational health and safety standards. The company business process and products are highly compiled with domestic and global industry best practice security guards. Monjon is renowned for its meeting of industry best practices by the customers and industry peers.

The company is highly proud to be an employer of your choice where respect for yourself, respect for other or highly responsible for your actions is the core values of the for the business.

To contact Monjon Security, follow any mode of communication:

P. 03 9521 9676
E. monjon@monjon.com.au
W. www.monjon.com.au



NOTE: All the information is collected from Google & Other Search Engines. We’re not making any comparison between all aforementioned businesses. All the Listed Security Companies in this article are the top search results of Google suburb wise.

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